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Atlanta - Skyline, L5P, & AFF

I just can't tell my reader how much fun I'm having just being at home with S. and friends...I am keeping very busy - taking pics and cleaning house - trying to be as Annie and Martha* as I can be.

Last Friday was the best day ever; to break in my new boots for the trip to Oregon**, I walked from from Metropolis, down Ponce, through the Carter Center, lunched in L5P, then walked down Moreland and N. Highland to shop in Va-Highland, then down Virginia to Landmark to see the Atlanta Film Festival. Here's my roundup of the Horror Shorts:

Last Zombie - What if you might be the last undead guy on earth? Apparently, given the chance, you would bite a co-worker, and then make hot, zombie love (it went downhill from there). The ringer? This scene was filmed on the same Decatur train tracks where we had just shot a wedding - 6 days before!

Little Lise - Cute girl / Betty Davis eyes / Linda Blair temper.

Happy Bday 2 Me - Serial killing, when you do it with your family, is kind of social.

Hollow - What if the monster in the closet is actually your whole life?

Haunting Matt - Will a friend filming your life for a movie 24/7 help solve your poltergeist problem? Would you do it? Would you watch it?

* Annie Liebovitz has a show coming up at the High Museum. Martha Stewart Living costs $24 per year.

** "Breaking in your boots" is a misnomer; my boots broke in me.

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Atlanta - Centennial Park

Last Friday was the perfect, Atlanta, intown day. It started with MARTA to downtown, CNN, and Centennial Park, then the Aquarium, followed by lunch, the High Museum, and dessert at Chocolate Pink.

All that, and no poison ivy.

I'm home.

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Ohio - NO MORE!

Welcome Home, Me!

Well, welcome home, but this isn't me.

It's Kenyon Carter, a great jazz saxophonist I was lucky enough to photograph this weekend. If you have a hankerin' for some live jazz, check him out:

So, I'm done with Oh-Hell-Hole; this weekend was the first weekend of my 11 week vacation. I was there for 20 weeks, so now I get 11 weeks off.

Did I mention I have 11 weeks off?

SO...if you need a drinking/partying/movie-going/running/working-out buddy, I'm your guy.

It's going to be a great summer.

Garden update: We planted basil and tomatoes on March 31st, hoping to get a jump start on the growing season. Well, it dropped below freezing 1 week later, on April 7th, but the tomatoes made it! The basil's hurting a little, but the pepper plants look okay, too.

All did not escape unscathed - while planting, I got poison ivy. I'm just getting over it, having gone through all the stages - the "Itching Stage", the "Oozing Stage", the "Scabbing Stage", and now am nearly at the end of the "Baby Gerbil Skin with pieces of Beef Jerky stuck to it Stage".

Now it's going to be a great summer.

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Ohio - April

The sky's not blue,
the trees aren't green.
There's not one flower
to be seen.

The sky is grey,
the ground is, too.
Like frozen mounds
of bunny pooh.

Easter's coming
I can tell---
It's not the colors,
it's the smell.

Happy Easter, everyone!

(The trees were right to be scared; it's April 5th...and it's snowing.)

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