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03/03/09 - Carol

MOVIE - Watchmen
ART - Chorus Line -fox-
LOCAL - Sonny's Hookers -ajc-
U.S. - Worms
FRANCE - la famille homoparentale -fr-
WEB - Spider, man -flash-

The world lost a beautiful person early Monday morning when my brother's mother-in-law, Carol Ehmer, passed away. She was much more than an "in-law-in-law" to me - she was the warm heart of Thanksgiving, the sweet smells of Christmas, the pastel promise of Easter. She welcomed everyone and questioned no one. Her quick smile, sharp wit, and bright laugh will be missed. God bless you, Carol.

MOVIE NEWS - Watchmen "... takes place in an alternate history United States where the country is edging closer to a nuclear war with the Soviet Union, freelance costumed vigilantes have been outlawed and most costumed superheroes are in retirement or working for the government." Like Pixar doing the Reagan years - "Ronny's Incredibles".

ART NEWS - March 3-8, 2009 - "Chorus Line" does it again at the Fabulous -Fox-

This is the very first Broadway show I can remember seeing; Mom took me and Jay G. to see it in Portland in about the 8th grade.

People often want insight into why each of us turns out the way we do; I joke that seeing "Chorus Line" was a major contributing factor to my "lifestyle".

Several years ago, when looking forward to my 20-year reunion, I very much wanted to see Jay again and tell him how I "turned out" and to joke with him about how "Chorus Line" "did it" to me.

At the reunion, the little joke became even funnier, as I saw Jay across the crowded room...and he saw me...and he threw his arms up in the air...and waved his hands to get my attention... screaming "sweetie! sweetie!"

I guess "Chorus Line" "did it" to him, too.

LOCAL NEWS - Sonny's Hookers -ajc- Georgia's Guv'ner Sunshine is a teetotaler opposed to Sunday liquor sales. He compared allowing a vote on the issue to letting Georgians decide whether prostitution should be legal. WOW! Really? That's stretching a comparison pretty darn far...liquor sales are already legal 6 days of week; prostitution is only legal if you are lobbying the legislature.

The Lorax - Thanks to the state senate passing Senate Bill 164, billboard owners can now cut down all the public trees they want, as long as they replace that 100 year-old oak with some flowers. -ajc-

High budget cuts - I guess it should be no surprise that at a time when the High is offering unprecedented admission deals, it's also having to lay off staff. What surprised me was reading it in the nyt as well as the ajc. -nyt- -ajc-

U.S. NEWS - Good worms, bad worms -vermiculture- -virus-

FRANCE NEWS - la famille homoparentale -fr- This article addresses the beginning of the process in France to recognize and protect the rights of step-parents, regardless of their sexuality. My french is still evolving; I wasn't able to divine the exact term for "step-domestic-partner-in-law".

WEB NEWS - Spider, man -flash-

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