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Teri's Birthday

Some of her lovely friends brought Teri these flowers for her birthday this weekend; I just wanted to make them last. Happy Birthday, Sabine!

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Midtown Neighbors' Association

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Bruno comes to town

How does he do it?

This is one of my best friends (Bruno...on the right, silly). We met when I lived in Paris in 1995 and get to see each other ever other year or so. Thursday was the end of a two-week visit; only the second time he's been to Atlanta.

We went to visit a friend who works for CNN. We got to see the Headline News set. While watching the anchors, they took a break in front of the cameras while "going to tape. " When one of the anchors heard that Bruno was visiting from Paris, she pulled him up onto the set (in an attempt to improve Franco-American relations?)

"Wow! Your T.V. newscasters are so...nice!"

This isn't the first time he has met a local personality.

Last time he came to visit, we were touring the state capitol offices on our own, when out walked a short gentleman in a suit and cowboy boots. He introduced himself, "Hi there, I'm Governor Zell Miller." He welcomed us to the capitol and asked us about our visit. Very pleasant.

"Wow! Your is so...accessible!"

If only.

Maybe it's because he's french. He's looking for an opportunity to work in the U.S...I'm thinking lobbyist.

I miss him already.

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