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Flowers having sex...

Spent the day out in Piedmont Park photographing (and waiting on a Prius...that story later) and testing for pollen; both a big success! Spring is here; I took my first Claritin.

Most people wouldn't be very excited about taking their first anti-allergy medicine of the year, but for me, taking it at the first sign of a sniffle, or of goopy eyes, or of gritty tears means cutting the worst of the damage off at the pass.

I used to delay taking the drugs until the last possible minute because of the drowsy after-affects. I would balance "non-drowsy", marginally effective stuff during the day with the heavy-hitting "don't operate machinery" whoppers at night. That cocktail, along with tiny doses of the out-of-doors, air-conditioned indoor breezes, and lots of hair-washing, nettles-taking, nose-blowing, and eye-dropping would get me through late March / April.

I'm a sinus poster boy no more! Because of the miracle of modern medicine, I am no longer afraid to go outside...because of pollen. Now, if only there was a drug to prevent for UV radiation exposure, winter fat, pasty-white skin, and humidity...

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Terri Shiavo

Sign your living wills, now!

At least we can all agree on one thing; this case is sad and difficult.

I was thinking about what people like about me (hopefully one or two things) and I think those are also the things that define who I am - energetic, outgoing, enthusiastic, supportive, funny. Then I think about which of those things I'd be if I were in a persistive vegetative state.


I guess it's a fact that I wouldn't be the same person; the question is am I still a person at all.

People are what they can do and what they can dream. They are the choices they make and the people they surround themselves with. They are reflected by the art and love and joy they create.

If I'm no longer capable of those things, if I can't make decisions, then I'm not me. Let me go and be happy that you knew me. Don't force me to continue an empty existence in a world I'm not contributing to. Don't keep pumping food and water into a body. Let that body go.

It's not me.

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Joshua Tree Wildlife

Ocotillo / Gila / Cholla

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Joshua Tree Wildflowers 1

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Joshua Tree Wildflowers 2

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Both Palms...

Just got back from a 3-day photography excursion to LA...lots of pics...and lots of traffic...I mean really, a lot of traffic.

It's all anyone talks about. Planning your day based on traffic. Choosing "when" to drive based on traffic. Deciding "where" to drive based on traffic.

But never deciding "if" you should drive. Everyone drives. All the time.

Got up at 4:30 AM to drive from LA to Joshua Tree to photograph wildflowers. Saw traffic going the opposite direction on I-10, coming into LA, at 6:00 AM on a Saturday. Got slowed down in traffic at 1:00 PM coming back. On a Saturday! Traffic on the 10. Traffic on the 405. Traffic on 101. Jeeminy Christmas!

Met friends for dinner on Friday night. They were a tad late...and guess why. One friend with whom I grew up in Oregon said "sorry I'm late; there was traffic!" I replied "isn't that like being in Portland and saying 'sorry, it was raining'?"


It was a great trip, though. Took 3 rolls of B&W and 240 digital shots. Lots of subjects: long exposure tail lights and xmas lights, beach pics, pier pics, flower pics, desert pics. Loving lots of them some and loving some of them LOTS.

Some LA moments (besides traffic)...

Saw 2 guys (brothers?) making an 'Amazing Race' audition tape under the SM pier. Scream and shout, film, review, scream some more, film, review, repeat.

Uncle Tom telling me about geneology research & our great-great-ad-infinitum-somebody-or-other 'Nimrod'. 'We found our connection; 6 generations back.' Me - 'So you're a nimrod 6-times removed.' Tom - '...and you're 7.' Cousin Tabea laughed, paused, and when I looked at her, said - ' too...'

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Went to the little portable amusement park down by the baseball field; just to take pictures. Can't get too excited about getting on a ride that is supposed to come apart easily (for transportation).

That was the highlight of the weekend; just before leaving work on Friday, I wrote my state Senator about a new, proposed state ordinance that would remove legislation that protects what few trees we have left in Atlanta:


Dear Senator,

I am writing you about the proposed Senate Bill 294; in particular, the following clause:

"(B) The trimming or cutting of any tree or trees located upon the residential property of a homeowner when such trimming or cutting is done by or at the direction of such homeowner."

As a regular volunteer for Trees Atlanta since 1993, I've personally done what I can to plant as many trees as possible in the Atlanta area. We are often planting in areas haphazardly cleared by previous land owners without forethought or consideration for the neighborhood.

So, of course I am concerned when state legislation is proposed that would undo my volunteer work for the past decade. I am aware that it is imperative to strike a balance between the rights of a property owner and common good of the community, but there must be some enforceable guidelines in place to help keep people from destroying part of our city's vital infrastructure.

Removing any and all trees from private property has immediate, negative effects on everyone in the surrounding area, including:

Reducing oxygen production
Raising surface temperatures
Increasing risk of erosion
Reducing the soil water retention capacity

Heat, drought, and air quality are problems for everyone in Atlanta and are ameliorated by our tree canopy; people shouldn't be able to destroy this valuable resource without guidelines anymore than they should be able to block sewer lines, dig up sidewalks, cut gas lines, interrupt the power grid or otherwise adversely affect any number of public utilities "on their property".

Trees are a vital part of the quality of life in Atlanta and should be protected.

Thank you for your time.

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Martha's out..

...and right back in for 5 months of "house arrest". What I wouldn't give to be forced to stay at home for 5 months...rewriting my website, updating photo archives, decorating (hell, just dusting, even), working out, writing, wow! I never understood people that said they couldn't retire because they would know what to do...I am so-o-o not my job and I so-o-o wouldn't have that problem.

I love this pic from the gates and really hate that it's not mine (pretty obvious, since I'm the one with the high-water jeans - not my fault! They are riding up a little since I'm wearing every piece of thermal underwear I own since it's only 28 degrees!) I know I'm flattering myself when I say this, but it makes me think "Charlie's-Angels-do-Gap-ad-in-the-shower-curtain-department-at-Macy's". Ne c'est pas?

Went to a gallery walk in an up-and-coming warehouse neighborhood south of downtown ("up-and-coming" in Atlanta means "I'm kinda embarassed about my neighborhood; don't walk to your car alone...") Ran into a friend (yay, very happy, never get to see her) and a friend of a friend having a photography opening. His stuff was great - emulsion on aluminum and glass. Why aren't I having an opening? I've given that a lot of thought:

1) I've dabbled in liquid emulsion and didn't have the patience - attention span too short for experimental stuff.

2) I've got some good stuff, but nothing thematic. I couldn't have the "woods" show, or the "goth" show, or the "messed-up in the head friends" show. Just like I've enjoyed making composites to post here, I need to explore themes that could actually embody an entire room/evening/event. Times Square lights start to come close - too self editing? "If one is good, why shoot more?"

3) I'm shy - I love to show off my stuff, but some non-commercial part of me that was born while trying to raise money for cub scouts by selling candles door-to-door HATES asking for money.

I think I'll go shoot this week. Assignment: 12 photos to sell.

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All it took was 6 inches...

...and everyone in NYC was happy! I know I enjoyed the snow; especially since we arrived a day after it fell, after the sidewalks were swept and before the snow turned grey. Funny thing, though. A day later, the snow was still there - not at all like the ATL...

When we get 1/2 inch of the white stuff in Atlanta, we shut down the city and go outside and play in it for a day. 24 hours later, it's 50 degrees and we are back at work. The yankees can make fun of us all they want, but I like it that way - snow belongs on a mountain or in a cone.

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