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Scrapbook Page Contest 2006

It seems I'm a finalist in a contest...yippee!

I designed these album pages for a major scrapbooking company. No biggie for design folks, I suppose, but big biggie for lil' ol' me.

So head on over to the scrapbooking site starting June 20th and vote for me!

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Spring Flowers 2

In an ongoing attempt to be more "locavore"-like, in addition to starting our plot at the community garden, S. and I have been visiting the Morningside Farmer's Market to buy locally grown produce...and flowers!

I believe these are calendulas.

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Community Garden

The raw materials
The tools
Before and after
Flowers...and a baby squash on the way
The Community Garden

We learned a lot this weekend; namely, that one very determined woman can start an initiative to reclaim an empty, abandoned lot from drug users and the homeless. Where there once were only used needles, condoms, and the rubble of a burned out apartment building, now a happy community of gardeners grows food and creates peace of mind. A beautiful place in the middle of the city of which I'm honored to be a part.

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Cafe - Streetscapes - Garden

Had a great time walking in Savannah, Georgia, one afternoon in April. Had a coffee at the new Jepson Center, enjoyed walking between the famous squares, and relaxed in the garden of the Owens-Thomas House.

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