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ATL - 9/1/08 - Dragon Con

Even aliens get tired...Super Girls...S's '08 Christmas Card?
Adam West! In the flesh...and some skin...and some bones
There were a lot of Dragon-Kids! (No sign of McCain's running mate, though).
Chew-box-a...Have an itch? Need a helping hand?...Star Wars Pez
The Little Mermaid...Davy Jones..."I'm so glad we had this time together..."
"No, really, how do you get your armor so shiny? I've tried everything."... Even Storm Troopers can get a chill..."Hey Luke! I'll be your Daddy!"
An international nod - Ninja-burka...Storm-burka...Sand-burka

(Those are my favs...the rest are after the blog!)


MOVIE NEWS - Not much being released in the generic theaters this week; check-out the Iranian film festival on Fridays and Saturdays this month at the High:

9/5 High - Iranian Film "Colors of Memory"

9/6 High - Iranian Film "Persian Carpet"

Sadly, Don LaFontaine - THE voice of movie trailers - has died at age 68. -ajc- -his self-deprecating geico ad-

ART NEWS -9/4 - 10/4 - Actor's Express - "Finn in the Underworld" - "In this sexually charged thriller, ghosts of the past haunt two sisters, Rhoda and Gwen, packing away their ancestral home. When Gwen’s son Finn arrives on the scene, his restlessness and curiosity lead him into an illicit relationship with a mysterious neighbor..."

LOCAL NEWS -The Clayton County School Board lost their school's accreditation. They couldn't fulfill the state correctly spelling accreditation.

WAFFLE HOUSE - Tom Forkner and Joe Rogers Sr. opened their first restaurant in my old 'hood, Avondale Estates, in 1955. Now, 1550 Waffle Houses later, WH #1 has been re-opened as a museum. My brother's brother-in-law is down on the Gulf Coast, helping oversee the re-opening of the 40 or so Waffle Houses they had to evacuate because of Gustav. -ajc-

The Piedmont Park Conservancy has started a new fund-raising campaign to plant more trees in drought-striken, festival-banishing Piedmont. Hey Conservancy! I've got a fund-raising idea! How about throwing a big Art Party, April, and have lots of booths, and art, and music, and fun (oh, that's right, you'd rather have people donate money to the park, but not actually come to it. Good luck with that!)

U.S. NEWS -Some convention ended. Some other convention is starting. Some hurricane hit the U.S., followed by 3 more on the way. Happy Labor Day.

FRENCH NEWS - Even the french try to give the American, Republican Nation Convention equal time with the DNC; even if Gustave is working against them. -lemonde-


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