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Oregon - Fall Colors

My camera and I collected falling leaves as well as waterfalls. I like them as a set...together as autumn leaves, but with very different backgrounds.

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Oregon - Waterfalls I

I can't say enough about the natural beauty of Oregon; I'm especially in love with all the waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge.

The 1st isn't even named...just beautiful, mossy Wahkeena Creek - the 2nd is Punchbowl Falls on Eagle Creek - the 3rd is Fairy Falls.

More Oregon here, here, here, and here.

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Oregon - Water and Ice

Had a terrific time hiking in Oregon...lots of pics...until I can catch up, here is a small taste...

The first photo is what I woke up to on the fifth day of backpacking along the PCT in the Sisters Wilderness. The second is the lower falls of Multonomah Falls in the Columbia Gorge.

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Happy Birthday, Grandma

Today, September 8th, is my Father's Mother's birthday.

Grandma Keesee died in 1998.

Soon after she passed away, we went out to California to pay our respects (and go through her stuff, her house, her life). While searching her garage, Dad found her postcard collection and gave it to me. In particular, this postcard of "Skunks and Cats". He said it reminded him of my cat, Crawford.

This one was not like the other postcards; it was sort of a joke, not a vacation destination.

I kept it; it reminded me that my grandma - who spent the last 15 years of her life in a wheelchair - was once a playful young woman (at the time of the postcard, 1934, she would have been ready to turn 25...)

Crawford, died in 2003.

Grandma would have been 97.
Crawford would have been 17.
At 42, I'm right in the middle.

I still have the postcard. It still works. It reminds me that I miss them both.

Happy Birthday, Grandma.

(Grandpa Keesee passed away in 1982...he would have been 106 on September 10th.)

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Dragon Con 2006

Holy crap, that was fun!

Every Labor Day weekend since 1987, fans and gamers alike gather in Atlanta for "Dragon Con", a scifi/fantasy convention.

Saturday was their 6th annual parade through downtown Atlanta. I've always wanted to go, and now that I have, it's my 2nd favorite free thing to do in Atlanta - downgraded from "1st" after some discussion with my partner ;)

My austic nephew saw the ad on TV last week and said "Uncle Jeff, will you take me to DragonCon?" I said, sure, but "ask your dad."

He ran into the next room, where I heard him say, "Dad, Uncle Jeff is taking me to DragonCon..." "Hey" - I yelled - "that's not 'asking'".


I was so much fun. All the participants (20,000+ folks attended the convention; it seemed like most of them were in the parade) were super nice each time B. asked "can I take your picture"?

B. loved all the Star Wars guys, but was kind of put off at the prospect of facing more than a half dozen Darth Vaders.

I really can't say enough nice things about the parade and all the participants...everyone was just having a blast.

Favorite moment? Pirates lining-up to give B. gold "doubloons"? Hot super heroes? Randy pirates?

I think it would have to be the "Ghostbuster" guys. As they passed by in their 'buster-mobile, I yelled out "who ya gonna call?"

Not missing a beat, one of them yelled back "somebody else...I'm in a parade!"

My favorite pics are first, followed by a gallery of everything!

Retro Batman, Burton Batman,
and Robin the Boy (ish) Wonder
(I'm thinking, after this,
Retro Batman is going
shopping for new abs...)
Johnny Depp,

Johnny Depp
Ghost Rider

Just plain cool
Killer Rabbit
Killer Rack
"Now, where did I
put that
cell phone?"
"My other box is a...Robot"

Cap'n Smirk's got
something to
smile about

(but she doesn't?)
The Living Dead

(died cutting
himself shaving...)
...dying for
a cigarette...



...lemme get that... got a little

The "Gallery of Everything!"

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