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Compliance, Ohio - Nice

It snowed all day here in Compliance, Ohio. This is the sunset that greeted me on my way out of the grocery store.

I had just gone in for a few, regular items; not like in Atlanta. In the south, when we see a few flakes of snow, it is mandatory for us to run to the store to buy 20 loaves of bread and 100 gallons of milk. Lord only knows why; it's not like snow has ever stayed on the ground in Atlanta for more than a few days - how much bread do people normally eat in that amount of time?
Reading NYT online, there was a little piece on award saturation...too many oscars/emmys/people's choice, etc.

The author made several recommendations for awards to ordinary folks who do little things to make life a little more pleasant for other people (see excerpt below).

The thing is, most people here in Compliance would never be able to do these little niceties for their fellow citizens; there are no subways, no buildings with dogs, no sidewalks, no lottery tickets.

I guess that's why here in the midwest, folks are just nice all the time.
To people on trains and in movie theaters who remove their coats from empty seats without being asked: a Civvy for best performance in a crowded comedy.

Top performance by a dog owner goes to those who understand that buildings are not urinals and that expandable leashes that go from here to eternity are a menace to pedestrians. And for people who keep their umbrellas closed until they have exited the subway stairs (who
are probably the same people who keep their soaking-wet umbrellas folded by their feet rather than dripping all over you): a Civvy Award for excellence in prop handling.

For achievement in sound, a Civvy goes to co-workers who try to speak quietly in the next cubicle. For outstanding choreography in public spaces, a Civvy goes to friends who know better than to walk three abreast on the sidewalk. And the Civvy in editing goes to anyone who
does not feel compelled to explain himself at length after making mistakes.

Drum roll please. The final Civvy of the night is for unsolicited graciousness at a cash register. It goes to the elderly woman who quietly stepped aside at the corner store the other day so that I
could buy my newspapers before she bought all her lottery tickets. link

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11 days Later

A friend is moving from one of the vowel/fly-over states to sunny southern California in 11 days. That got me thinking; what else can you do in (about) 11 days?

- Orbit the Earth 163 times (10 days, 20 hours - Apollo 7, October, 1968)

- Be Pope (Urban VII (September 15–September 27, 1590): reigned for 13 calendar days, died before consecration.)

- Give birth to a possum (The shortest gestation period known in mammals is approximately 12 days.)

- Be a white blood cell (The lifespan of white blood cells ranges from 13 to 20 days, after which time they are destroyed in the lymphatic system. )

- Attend an Indian festival (As part of the Ekadasi day, a 11-day Chembai music festival is held annually in Thiruvanathapuram, capital of Kerala state, in September in memory of Chembai Vaidyanath Bhagawathar.)

- See every movie in the San Franciso Film Festival (The 11-day-long program is expected to draw some 9,000 moviegoers.)

- Pack your entire life into a car.

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Back to Compliance

Just got back to Ohio after a 3-day return trip home to Atlanta...I'm already feeling a little remote, cold, and lonely.

I am thankful for the things I've missed while in "Compliance":

Evenings w/friends
Grocery stores w/sheep's milk cheese
Restaurants w/local beer (Vortex!)
Museums w/ live jazz

I am sad that our 8th St Wolf Camera is gone (devastated, to tell the truth), but happy that Jenna, the manager at the Ansley Wolf, is super nice (even though I have to drive to work with her).

I am completely ambivalent that The Grape in 999 Peachtree has closed and that the Foals & Cubs are playing in that bowl-thing...

5:00 PM - State Road 24 - from Toledo to Compliance

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Compliance, Ohio - Hello, Noah

It has rained a little bit during the past few days here in "Oh-Hell-No". Apparently, we are only about 0.5 inches above sea level here, because it takes about that much rain to put the fields (and the road to my subdivision) under water.

More Stories from "Compliance"

Fellow passengers - While waiting at baggage claim, standing near me was a 350 lb guy hugging his pillow. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Exactly what part of his body needs more padding?

Waiting for baggage - Even though my luggage was delayed upon my arrival in the midwest, I had a high degree of confidence it was going to end up in the same place I was - my bag claim check number ended in "666".

Bowling in compliance - All by itself, "Bowling in Compliance" is funny, and then it got even better. We got there early and walked up to the bar. "What'll ya have?" "A beer; what have you got?" "Name it!" --- Oh, fine, you want to play that game? Okay...

..."Sweetwater?" Nope "Honey Brown?" Nope "Newcastle?" Nope.

Fine. I give up.

As it turns out, they had Dom Light - Coors Light, Miller Light, Bud Light, Natural Light - all the finest in domestic beers.

If you see a neon sign for it on the wall, they've got it.

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