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Guanajuato 3


I loved this little stone and adobe breezeway; it surrounded the courtyard between the University and a cathedral. The posters were part of an exhibit on Japanese architecture. The doorways were part of an extended passageway that was inside/next to/bypassing the theater in the University; part outdoors, part indoors, it didn't really end. The big red banners were another part of the Japanese installation of this multi-national/cultural festival - very peaceful blowing in the breeze of this open-air foyer.

Typical rooftop.........lots for sale.........shy boy and bass fiddle

Laundry was drying everywhere - rooftops, alleys, windows - and why not? Sunshine was free and plentiful. Rooftops were also handy places for water tanks and dog runs - seriously! No yard? No problem! Stick Fido on the roof to watch the street and the front door. There were lots of colorful things for sale; cowboy hats not withstanding. This gazebo was smack dab in the center of the square in the center of town; the bass was completely unattended, except by the shy boy peeking from around the railing.

Mexican concert.......mexican wiring.......mexican security

The estudiantinas wandered the streets, gathering crowds of admirers; kind of drinking Pied Pipers. I hoped this wiring was temporary. Glass shards topped all the concrete walls - recycling!

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Guanajuato 2

Here are some of my favorite pics from my business trip to Guanajuato.

I'll add some text work (yuck!)

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For the next 2 weeks, I'm hiding out in Mexico, working for GM in Silao.

Everyone says "wow, you're so lucky! Have a blast!" I am lucky, but it's not the Mexico they are thinking of. It's not all cruise ships and beaches and MTV and mega-hotels and pools and babes in bikinis and margaritas.

It's better.

Silao is next to Guanajuato, a college/art town built in the mountains on top of a network of old silver mine tunnels. The "Festival Internacional Cervantino" is going on during the next two weeks; Cervantes wrote "Don Quixote", so it's a kind of spanish-language Shakespeare festival.

Guanajuato is the little multi-colored houses stacked up on the hills above the tree-ringed town square. It's the terra cotta and pink stucco cathedrals around every corner. It's the stairwells that suddenly appear in sidewalks and lead down into tunnels? parking garages? night clubs? lavatories? It's the "estudiantinas", the roving bands of musicians that lead groups of 50-200 folks in songs and parades through the town. It's men selling rugs, women selling silver, shops selling sugar skulls. The mummy museum, the Diego Rivera Museum, Plaza Cervantes.

I really love it.

But spanish is hard.

We met one of the GM guys at a bar on the square. He arrived after we did; he asked me how I liked "Bar Ocho" - the name of the bar. I thought he asked me if I liked "barracho" - being drunk.

I said "it's great!"

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Why we have scientists...

A story was broadcast this morning about influenza being acquired and spread by 3-4 year olds 3-4 weeks prior to the rest of the general population becoming infected.

In conjunction with that story, a second report on NPR announced that "scientists" in Michigan had conducted a sanitary survey in an elementary school to determine what parts of the school contained the highest levels of bacteria (and were therefore most likely to spread the flu). They swabbed bathrooms and tables and cafeteria lines and books (and, presumably, children).

They found that the bacteria levels on water fountains were 1000 times higher than on toilet seats.

What can we learn from that? "Avoid the flu, drink from the toilet"!??

How many years did you go to school, Mr. PHD?

My dog already knew that...

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Our little condo on Peachtree St in Atlanta is having an "Art Party".

The above photos are the ones I'll be offering for sale - 20% of the sale price will go to the Red Cross to support "The-Hurricane-who-shall-not-be-named" (to avoid risking philanthropy saturation).

I'll also have gift/note cards for sale with the same images on them. I'm crossing my fingers that it goes well; Pumpkin and I did lots of cutting and taping!

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