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ATL - 11/24/08 - Thanksgiving

THANKS to everyone who donated!!!
Terracotta Warriors (okay, black resin warrior replicas...)


THANKS - I'm thankful for family and my home.

I'm thankful for neighbors that support both me and the causes I think are important.

I'm thankful for friends who roll their eyes, but don't turn their backs, when I do something thoughtless.

ART NEWS - I am thankful for inspirational art - 11/28, 9:00 AM to Midnight - "Fifteen non-stop hours of Asian-inspired music, dance, and art-making!" at the High Museum. -high-

I'm thankful for independent movie houses - 11/29, 10:00 PM - Silver Screen Spook Show - The Crawling Eye at the Plaza. -silverscream-

LOCAL NEWS - I'm thankful for my good health and the good health of my friends and family - 11/27, 8:20AM - My little brother and many of my neighbors are running in the Weather Channel Atlanta Marathon! The Half Marathon folks should be arriving in front of our building as early as 8:20 AM! Go Bro! -atc-

I'm thankful for my education - 11/27, 10:07 - The Georgia Tech Marching Band is in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Look for them on T.V. about 10:07 ("10:07" is "about 10 o'clock" in engineer-speak). -gatech-

I am thankful for trees - Atlantans won the "Root for your City" American Express challenge by charging more on their AMEX than any other participating city. That means we spent more money we didn't have on things we didn't need than any other metro area, winning us a $300,000 grant to plant more trees. Yippee! -root-

I am NOT thankful that the Georgia DOT is taking a $100 million federal grant to turn HOV lanes - that promote fewer cars on the road by rewarding car pooling - into PAY LANES - that promote...what? Elitism? -ajc-

U.S. NEWS - I'm thankful for ever-increasing support in the fight for the environment - I like this article in slate: How the Republicans can win over voters by turning "blue" states "green". Reasonable and conservative steps towards protecting the environment. -slate-

FRENCH NEWS - I'm thankful for friends (and perspective) from other countries - Sarkozy promises a plan to help France face the employment, housing, and automotive crisis. -lemonde-

WEB NEWS - I am thankful for inexpensive Christmas gift ideas - "Top 25 Life-Improving Christmas Gifts under $10" -zen-

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ATL - 11/17/08 - Xmas Cards

New York - 5th Avenue
White Ornaments
Midtown Christmas
New York - Snow


MOVIE NEWS - Bolt and Twilight. The dog who acts like he's a superhero and the vampire who acts like he has a heart.

ART NEWS - 11/21, 6 PM - Roy Blount Jr. at the Margaret Mitchell House -MMH-

11/22, 1:00 PM - The LIVE transmission of Berlioz’s "La Damnation de Faust". Initially, I thought this was really cool, a live, HD broadcast of the Metropolitan Opera. Unfortunately, since it's projection related, it has to be in a performance space more suited to movies than live music, so it's at Regal 24 instead of the Woodruff Arts Center. -regal- -MET-

LOCAL NEWS - Donate food to Hosea Feed the Homeless and Hungry this week so we all have something for which to give thanks! -hfhh-

11/20, 7:30PM - Tech plays Miami at home in the 'hood. Watch out for those crazy engineer tail gaters! -ga tech-

11/20, 7:00 PM, Park Tavern - Firefighter Bachelor Auction (sounds hot...'nuff said.) -aff-

11/21, 8:00 PM, Bill Hallman - Local clothing store celebrates 18th Anniversary with free cocktails and local designers! Hilarity ensues -billhallman-

11/21, 7-9, Cypress St. Pint and Plate - Metropolis "Thirsty Third Thursday" continues at the new incarnation of "Toast". Meet early in the lobby or see you at "Cypress" (behind the Biltmore).

MUGGER! Midtown Neighbor's Association and Midtown Blue are asking us to all be on the look-out for a man who has been mugging people near 10th and Piedmont. Until they catch him, don't wander around alone in the dark! -mna-

..and Baton Bob is back! He was sighted baton-ing outside Outwrite following the "No H8" demonstration last Saturday. Welcome home, BB!

U.S. NEWS - It' a divisive week for gays in the U.S., with marriage being granted to all couples in Connecticut and being annulled for some in California. Come on W., here is your chance at a legacy! Make the issue go away by allowing every U.S. citizen to choose someone that they want to make a life with and support for their entire lives - with whom they can be a pillar of their community - and allow them to share/pass on their economic resources for that mutual support. Guarantee that right cannot be refused ANY American at a federal level, and then let states decide on what level their local government should violate the separation of Church & State by granting other special rights to the beneficiaries of religious ceremonies.

Come on, W, choose! Would you let everyone benefit equally in an atmosphere of mutual support and love? Or would you have the government choose which religious ceremonies dictate fiscal policy and personal rights? What would Jesus do?

FRENCH NEWS - Front page of lemonde; Obama is considering many former member of the Clinton administration for posts in his government.

WEB NEWS - With money, space, and peace of mind always an issue, being more zen is a good way to go.

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ATL - 11/10/08 - Kidtown

Newest addition! Go War Eagles!
Finding textures around Midtown
Never too early for a Santa Hat


MOVIE NEWS - I can't be quiet about this one; I'm pretty excited about "Quantum of Solace"

11/11, 8:00 - Metropolis Movie Night - Bring a dish to share and watch "Hellboy II" with your neighbors. (and when it's over, watch one of your neighbors get pretty excited about the countdown to "Quantum of Solace".)

ART NEWS - 11/11 - Outwrite Books - Poetry Night. (Then come back on 11/15 for the for the Anniversary Party for this terrific local institution! Congratulations Philip!)

11/15, 6:30 PM - Margaret Mitchell House - Local Screenwriters read from their works. You might as well already saw "Quantum of Solace" last night, so what else is there to look forward to?

11/15, 2:00 - 6:00 PM - Twelve - Local artists show/sign their work (including a VERY local photographer...come visit me!)

11/16 - High Museum of Art - The First Emperor exhibit starts. (Come see the warriors...they are all stoned.) -high-

LOCAL NEWS - 11/15 - Midtown Shop and Dine Week starts on Saturday and runs through 11/21. I've already got my reservations for Park 75! -ms&d-

Well, I've been asking; apparently the Atlanta CSO system is complete!?! Well, the detention tunnels are, anyway. The article doesn't go into what isn't done. -ajc-

U.S. NEWS - Scalpers are holding out for $20,000 for Obama inauguration tickets. (Maybe "scalpers" isn't the right word...) We don't need to bail-out the likes of Fannie Mae, AIG, and GM; just give them tickets to resell! With 250,000 tickets available, that's $5B! Obama's first big crisis solved! Yes we can! -cnn-

FRENCH NEWS - AIG and Fannie Mae losses top the front page of lemonde.

WEB NEWS - Cool design website forwarded by my brother (web surfing runs in the family). -toxel-

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