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Fashion Ashley

What would the last week before Labor Day be without wearing white and modeling new fall clothes?

For the back to school-a-licious explanation, link to the fashion goddess who put this all together (I just take pretty pictures...and act pretty silly)...

...thanks to Jimmy for the idea for the tree-tee...

...thanks to Trees Atlanta for the inspiration to wear it....

...and what the heck - while we're at it - thanks to Omar for reminding me what not to wear...

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A taste of their own mail

We've recently combined households and somewhere between tripping over Christmas ornaments in August and not being able to find my tape measure, I went a little ballistic about junk mail (sorry, Pumpkin).

It's bad enough having twice as much stuff in our house without having twice as much junk mail filling up our mailbox.

So, here's the solution (I heard this idea somewhere else...Seinfeld...or NPR...or my pa...but I'll totally take credit for promoting it):

Every one of those annoying, unsolicited "PRE-APPROVED" credit card applications ("PRE-APPROVED" = "don't need") comes with a free, "postage paid", return envelope. Simply remove all identifying information from the application - name, address, ID numbers - stuff it all back into the envelope, add a couple of dirty handy wipes or empty bread bags, and pop it into the mail!

It's so efficient! 1) The junk mail is gone, 2) you haven't added to the amount of garbage you have to haul out of the condo, and 3) you feel the satisfaction of having extracted a little bit of revenge.

These companies only started this sort of mail campaign because someone was foolish enough to return one of these unsolicited applications; maybe our unsolicited "returns" will get them to stop.

Now if I can just figure out how to fit those old washcloths and redundant pillowcases in those little envelopes...

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Becky's Wedding

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Pink is for Birthday

My favorite birthday presents, from my brother's kids...

Original artwork by E (age - almost 6), C (almost 6), and B (mostly 9)
Click here to see how they compare to the "masters"
I couldn't resist photographing this flower - "Kangaroo Paw"

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Pluto demoted (for Jeff's Birthday)

Leading astronomers have declared that Pluto is no longer a planet,
approving new guidelines that downsize the solar system from nine
planets to eight. The International Astronomical Union stripped Pluto
of the planetary status it has held since its discovery in 1930.

Although astronomers applauded after the vote, Jocelyn Bell Burnell --
a specialist in neutron stars from Northern Ireland who oversaw the
proceedings -- urged those who might be "quite disappointed" to look
on the bright side - Pluto would not be completely forsaken, as Jeff
Keesee was happy to accept it as a present for his 42nd birthday.

"We actually offered the newly vacated position as ninth planet to
Jeff, but he refused it when it was pointed out that, as a planet
orbiting the sun, he would no longer have people orbiting him."

A spokesperson for Disney had no comment when asked if Pluto's
demotion might be cause for reducing the park's $67.00 per day
admission price.

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Protea & Zinnia & Coreopsis

PROTEA - Named for the minor Greek sea god, Proteus; able to change shape at will.

ZINNIA (MIXED) - Thinking (or in memory) of an Absent Friend

COREOPSIOS - Always Cheerful

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