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I love English

I've always been a sucker for trendy-speak.

From "Clockwork Orange"'s "tolchock" and "yarbles" to the 80's "gag me with a spoon" to Buffy's "I'm whelmed" - I love talking trendy. I think it's the ability of a pop culture word or phrase to invoke more meaning than the sum of its parts. "Totally" is so much more than an adverb when paired with "bitchin'". (SIDENOTE: Mixing languages is fun and educational, too. My french friends loved it when it was time to leave and "On y va" became "Let's va!" or "On y go"...)

So I always enjoy the release of the "new" word list for each year's updated addition of the "Oxford Dictionary for English". The following words are now "official"!


lush - very good

scopophilia - sexual pleasure derived chiefly from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity

phishing - fraudulently sending e-mails purporting to be from reputable firms to get individuals to reveal personal details

chugger - someone who approaches passers-by in the street asking for donations for a charity (a "charity" "mugger")

labradoodle - a cross between a Labrador retriever and a poodle

rock up - to arrive

cockapoo - is a mix between a cocker spaniel dog and a poodle

hoover - to eat something quickly


So...with today's vocabulary lesson over...I'm outta here...

...and off to that "lush" restaurant to "hoover up" the plat du jour. I'm starved after a morning on the internet ditching "phishers" and I want to "rock up" before the "chugger" in front of my building sees me. He is so not "scopophilic".

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They're HOME!!!!

I can't believe how tense/worried/excited/proud I was this morning as the Space Shuttle Discovery returned from mission STS-114 this morning, landing at 8:05AM EST. For 60 minutes I followed the descent of the orbiter second-by-second - as it fired its rockets to descend from orbit, entered the atmosphere at 14,000 mph, changed its guidance from "space craft" to "air craft" control.

This was a good week for explorers.

6 Russian submariners were trapped 600 feet beneath the sea and rescued during a joint effort with the British. 7 American astronauts were flying 220 miles overhead on the international space station and came home after a 2 1/2 year delay in the shuttle program.

How astounding are these otherwise ordinary men and women who risk everything for us? The things these people are doing, literally all around me, while I struggle to make coffee or finish the laundry, amaze me. These extaordinary people leave the comforts of home, leave even the necessities of air and gravity and heat behind, to learn more about the universe around us.

And this week? What did mankind accomplish? These Russians and Americans who had challenged the impossible conditions of deep sea and deep space to learn for us - they made it HOME! And during their spectacular, broadcast homecomings, they accomplished one more little thing...

...for a few minutes, I forgot that thousands of Americans who are in Iraq to fight for us will never make that same, simple journey - home.

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ABG with Pop

Fountain at 1/2000th second
Lily/Dove Orchid/Hibiscus

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