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Fort Wayne

Spending the better part of the week in Ft. Wayne (or "Fort Fun", as my neighbor says); got to shoot on my last full day here, and found a lot more than corn...


Highest point in Ft. Fun? bordering fields

Queen Anne's Lace........Purple........Thistle

Grassy path...view from my apartment...more Robert Frost


Things aren't necessarily up to date in Indiana. I stood in line at the grocery store far too long behind folks writing...get this...checks! For purchase price and...even back!

No credit cards, no ATMs?


Not everything is so backward, though. Sitting in the Ft Wayne airport, I overheard two 50-ish ladies talking over that day's newspaper:

"I just don't know why those gays want to get married."

While contemplating how and whether I should jump at this opportunity to educate middle America, her friend did a fine job for me.

"Just so they can have what everyone else has; insurance benefits and visitation and inheritance rights."

"Oh..." she replied, just like that...

"...well...isn't it just awful what's going on in Israel?" she continued, moving on to the next topic, the previous one apparently settled.

Refreshing and modern!


While working here at a major automotive assembly plant, I've been having a bit of fun with our co-op; the college student/co-worker whose job is to "help-out", knowing that often means getting lunch.

Now, I don't want to get too "Devil Wears Prada" on this guy, but when he was making a Starbucks run, I asked for a "venti skim 1 raw sugar latte...for Princess". (I was going to ask for a "venti decaf no calorie non-dairy sugar-free beverage" and see if he would bring me a water...but I just needed the caffeine too much).


Before coming out to "Fort Fun" for a second trip, I was challenged with attending a "White (Trash) Party". I bought my first pair of camouflage pants and I wore them exactly twice; the FIRST time to the party, along with a wifebeater T & fake tattoos and the LAST time on the flight out here. I felt like a complete dipshit when an army platoon walked by, on their way to war, in the real thing.

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Atlanta post Modernism II

My reader asked if I had anymore pics of 615 Peachtree...while I stand by the notion that the previous collage are my favs, these highly detailed shots are interesting, too.

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Atlanta post Modernism

This is not a "Post Modern" building; it is the facade of a soon-to-be-"former" "Modern" building.

Atlanta doesn't do much to honor its architecture and in that vein, this fall, this fine example of Modernism* will bite the dust in the rush to build more condos on Peachtree St.**

I've been in Indiana (and yes, there will be stories) and was afraid I wouldn't return in time to shoot this building before it came down. As it was, the block is fenced off, the windows are removed, and the floors are gutted, but I was still able to catch the window-ledge/sundial effect on the south-facing facade early this morning.

The street sign in the collage is actually the glue left on the side of the building after the demo team tore off the address.

* Modernism -

Fifty years ago, modernism — and a branch of it known as the "International Style" because its simplicity was meant to translate into any culture — was the preferred look for the modern corporate image, Moffson said.

The United Nations used the style for its New York headquarters in 1951, and companies like Seagram built their own modernist monoliths in capitals of commerce like New York and Chicago.

The concept and its variations endured through the 1960s and 1970s, and its boxy, featureless office floors even helped encourage the cube farm.

**YES, I live in a condo on Peachtree St and YES a structure was demolished to build it, but there is not a single publication that recognized the "Stein Club" for its architecture; beer, maybe, or biker chicks, but not architecture.

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Atlanta Cards 2006

Something old, something new...some of these are older pics, but some were made fresh just this morning...I think they make a great series of greeting cards:

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Atlanta Rollergirls

Off to Stone Mountain for Greg's Bday to see the "Atlanta Rollergirls"...a post-punk, pre-apocalyptic, muy-loco good time; sturdy girls careening around a large wooden floor with a roller derby rink outlined in rope lights (and the audience outlined in caution tape). I didn't understand the rules (you can go to for that complicated mess), but it was a good time.

Everybody's welcome!
Tailgating...Greg's about to get spanked...push-ups
wipe-out......Fiona Felony......more wipe-out
C's new "Apocalypstix" T...the gang...S&J getting all derby
one of the Denim Demons...1/2 time concert...the guhrlz

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Flowers and Niki de Saint Phalle

Go see Niki de Saint Phalle's sculptures at the Atlanta Botanical Garden; wacky, imaginative, tactile, fun-loving.

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