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Thanksgiving in Midtown

I will never hesitate saying "yes" when my neighbor asks me to check in on her cat Oliver...this is the sunset from her living room. I can think of worse things than sitting on someone's sofa, flipping through her magazines while her cat is purring in my lap, eating her ice cream and watching her DVD's.

Thanksgiving was terrific...drinking, home projects, eating, and getting ready for Christmas...and drinking.

Turkey dinner at my brother's mother-in-law's house was very nice and packed with funny, family moments; Nephew B walked up to one of the cousin-in-laws, who has a bit of a tummy, and asked "where did you get that belly?"

Awww, the innocence of autism.

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Xmas Cards 2006

Holy moly! Christmas is coming!

Some very nice folks have been asking when I was going to get my new Xmas Cards out; since my "real" job has me out of town most of December (and January and February...bleh), I had to get on the ball!

Some of these will be available individually at my faithful and supportive retailers, YES and Twelve/Spire. I offer them directly for $20 a dozen. I'm thinking pick a series and you get 3 each (or mix and match, what the heck!).

We can dig into last year's stock, too, if you had any favorites.

Xmas Cards 2006 - Set 1

Xmas Cards 2006 - Set 2

Peace on Earth...

...Goodwill toward men

Ornaments - Silver

Ornaments - Color

Jesus in Midtown

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Oregon - Japanese Garden

One of my favorite places within my favorite place; the Portland Japanese Garden. Serene...subtle...gorgeous.

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70's Scifi Tv

After my drubbing of 80's scifi, I then went back and looked up some of the 70's fare.

Here are some the the Scifi TV shows that survived from the drubbing of the original Star Trek series (1966-1969) up until Battlestar Galactica (1978) laid waste to the electronic wasteland. (The trailers are thanks to Youtube ... or Googtube ...whatever...I think they are worth $1.6B, anyway.)

UFO - 1970-1971
Planet of the Apes - 1974
6 Mil Man - 1974-1978
Kolchak: The Night Stalker
Space 1999 - 1975-1977
The Invisible Man - 1975
Gemini Man - 1976
Bionic Woman - 1976-1978
Logan's Run - 1977
Man from Atlantis - 1977
Incredible Hulk - 1978-1982

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