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Xmas Cards 2006

Holy moly! Christmas is coming!

Some very nice folks have been asking when I was going to get my new Xmas Cards out; since my "real" job has me out of town most of December (and January and February...bleh), I had to get on the ball!

Some of these will be available individually at my faithful and supportive retailers, YES and Twelve/Spire. I offer them directly for $20 a dozen. I'm thinking pick a series and you get 3 each (or mix and match, what the heck!).

We can dig into last year's stock, too, if you had any favorites.

Xmas Cards 2006 - Set 1

Xmas Cards 2006 - Set 2

Peace on Earth...

...Goodwill toward men

Ornaments - Silver

Ornaments - Color

Jesus in Midtown


Anonymous said...

these are wonderful hon! so creative. who knew jesus made stops in midtown. :)

Anonymous said...

i love the army men!