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4/21/09 - Beach & AFF

MOVIE - AFF cont.
ART - Inman Park Arts Festival
LOCAL - Mom vs. The State -ajc-
U.S. - Blagojevich's reality
UNIVERSE - Earth-sized planet found -nyt-
WEB - Last chance goof-off -kenken-

MOVIE NEWS - AFF cont. So far, I've met the writer/star of "Deadland", Q&A-ed with the director of the animated short "Chroma Chameleon", cheered on the underdog director of way-better-than-expected "Killer Movie", and was astonished by the video-taped exploits of 12-year old female impersonator. More on Friday and Saturday!

ART NEWS - Inman Park Arts Festival Just go; it's one of the first and best of all the Atlanta Neighborhood Festivals. The parade is at 2:00 on Saturday and is one step closer to my NYE resolution to "Be In More Parades".

LOCAL NEWS - Mom vs. The State -ajc- Dekalb County homeowners are limited to 25 minutes of outdoor watering 3 times per week, but no car washing. Ma and Pa K. don't water their lawn (it's drought-acclimated, long-rooted fescue), so they want to wash their car. Why should some people get to water lawns for 75 minutes per week, but they can't wash their sedan for 10 minutes? What if it's parked on the lawn? Isn't that just watering my lawn...from my car? It's Guv'ner Sunshine vs. my mom. Stay tuned.

SAVE BLONDIE - Gene Kansas is helping sell "The Clairmont Hotel" for $6.5 million. Don't worry; the 180 residential rooms are for sale, the Lounge is not.

U.S. NEWS - Blagojevich's reality - The court turned down disgraced Illinois ex-guv Blagojevich's request to violate the conditions of his bond to travel to Costa Rica to participate in a reality show. Apparently, filming reality TV pays better than making license plates.

BREAST FEEDING - A study shows that women who breast feed their child for at least one month showed lower risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. The study tried to imply that breast feeding makes women healthier, but it could just as well be that naturally healthier women are more likely to breast feed in the first place.

UNIVERSE NEWS - Earth-sized planet found -nyt- Astronomers discovered an Earth-sized planet orbiting a red star 20 light years from Earth. At that distance, it's like looking for the reflection of a needle next to a burning haystack. In other news, I couldn't find my glasses this morning.

WEB NEWS - Last chance goof-off -kenken-


Lisa said...

Jeff!! Blast from the past.. I was looking through pictures the other day and thought about you because I came across my sisters wedding pictures and there yours were! As fabulous as they ever were.. anyway I decided to look you up because my best friend is getting married in June and I wanted to see you are still doing weddings? If so please email me! I would love to pass you on to her!! I hope you are doing well.. looks like you are having a great time capturing awesome pictures!! I hope to hear from you soon!

Lisa Accetturo

by the way.. I also saw your feature on DailyCandy.. look at you go!! :)

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