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3/17/09 - Relance, Lance, relance!

MOVIE - Duplicity & I Love You, Man
ART - Variety -adele-
LOCAL - Your Bib # 404 -ajc-
U.S. - Seattle paper goes digital -nyt-
FRANCE - Lance 'relance' -lemonde-
WEB - Reuse plastic bottles -BUOY-

MOVIE NEWS - 'Duplicity' & 'I Love You, Man'. Clive Owens and Julia Roberts are back in theaters with the tagline "Outwit. Outspy. Outsmart. Outplay. Then get out". Let's hope that this incarnation of Julia from the Mismatched Duo Caper genre machine is more "Notting Hill" than "I Love Trouble"...Outlandish!.

With Paul Rudd "out" this Friday in "I Love You, Man", "bromance" hits the big screen

ART NEWS - 3/17 - Variety -adele- "The minute you hear that voice, the hair stands up on the back of your neck and you realize this is someone special. She's just 19, but Adele Laurie Blue Adkins - you can call her simply Adele - sings like a woman three times her age, a soul sensation in her native U.K. who is poised to conquer America with 19, her debut album"

3/19 - Actor's Express is doing "Suddenly Last Summer". "Secrets and denial explode on a steamy New Orleans afternoon in this scorching classic..." -actors-

3/20 - High Museum Jazz -high- DO check out the"Terracotta Warriors" at the High; DON'T check them out in "Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" (unless, maybe, you are stoned, too). "The army departs April 19th"

3/21 - East Atlanta, Sylvester Cemetery - How often are you invited to a Country/Bluegrass concert that takes place on a performer's grave? Check-out Fiddlin' John Carson's 141st Birthday -sylvester-

LOCAL NEWS - Your Bib # 404 -ajc- I hate it when I'm wrong, but I'm big enough to admit it when I am.

This past Sunday was the first time 45,000 applicants could register for the Peachtree Road Race, online, starting at 7:00 AM. When I first heard that announcement on February 6th, I immediately emailed J - "I would bet that their server goes down at 7:03". Here it is --> "I was wrong." It went down at 7:10.

It came back online later that morning, but, at any rate, for all those folks that weren't able to register online, you have 2 choices - shoot for the lottery this weekend by mailing in the registration form that comes in the printed AJC and pray for one of the remaining 10,000 spots, or have some fun with your own, made-up bib number "404". It's our area code...and the code for "URL not found".

U.S. NEWS - Seattle paper goes digital, only -nyt- Good thing the ajc hasn't done this, yet, or that clip-out, mail-in, back-up plan for the Peachtree Road Race wouldn't have worked.

Real life Wall-e -nyt-

FRANCE NEWS - Relance, Lance, relance -lemonde- Lance's first big "return" to the racing circuit came after being sidelined by cancer in 1996, winning the first of 8 consecutive Tours de France in 1999.

It seems he is returning again this year after being sidelined by...his own retirement.

It's appropriate that the french verb for 'revive' or 'relaunch' is 'relancer'...because that's just what Mr. Armstrong is attempting at the age of 38. (Is that the phone ringing, Mr. Armstrong? Answer it; it might be 39 year-old Brett Favre, who seems to be "re-retired" after a lackluster season with the Jets, August 7, 2008 - February 11, 2009.)

WEB NEWS - Reuse plastic bottles -BUOY- I would love to see this as an installation on Lake Clara Meer in Piedmont Park during the Arts Festival...awareness!

More green "instructables"!

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